Getting started with Docker, Kubernetes and Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)

Arrangör: Softhouse
352 30 Växjö
Börjar Kl: 08:00
Slutar Kl: 09:30
When you leave this seminar, you’ll feel inspired: You’ll understand what’s important to leverage the benefits of containerization and orchestration, to get consistent and reproducible software, from version control all the way into production.

We’ll start with a simple application, actually the presentation material used in the seminar, containerize it, run it in kubernetes and deploy it to Google Kubernetes Engine and upgrade with zero downtime.

Time allowing, we’ll add letsencrypt ssl support using helm, and use the kubernetes APIs to figure out where the presentation is actually running and add a simple continuous deployment. Either way you’ll get the materials and be able to continue after the conclusion of the seminar.

Target audience

Technical people who want to get their hands dirty running containers in the cloud.

Leaders or coaches who want to understand how containers should be used in an organization to leverage business value